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Recently I was approached by a fantastic up and coming company called Naturyl Glow. After trying their Sun Inspired 100% Natural face mask 3 times over the course of 1 week , I was over the moon with the results. My skin felt so soft, and the exfoliating texture of the face mask eliminated any excess dirt and gave me a noticeably brighter skin! Naturyl Glow pride themselves on using 100% natural ingredients. Their key ingredient is Turmeric, which is a spice derived from the roots of the curcuma longa plant. This spice has been used for centuries as a natural way to beautify skin.

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It works amazingly on all skin types, whether you suffer with painfully dry skin to extremely oily skin. Turmeric holds the answer! The rough and exfoliating texture of the facemask refines wrinkles and fine lines along with any excess toxins, leaving your skin incredibly clear and smooth. Turmeric also contains antibacterial and antiseptic properties for the skin, making it ideal for those who suffer with acne scars or blemishes. With tantalising Turmeric being the powerful force within Naturyl Glow’s face mask, it is also combined with 4 other vitamin filled ingredients to counteract any signs of ageing and blemishes.

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All four ingredients work perfectly in sync with each other to provide you with all the nutrients and vitamins to maintain a beautifully bright and clear complexion. Olive oil contains Vitamin E and A, to help improve your skins elasticity leaving it firm with a youthful glow. When used as an exfoliator, Olive oil also prevents your skin from becoming dull. Almond oil is also extremely rich in Vitamins A,B and E. Almonds have a fantastic way of trapping moisturise inside the skin, keeping it moisturised at all times. Lemon contains vitamin C, vitamin B, phosphorous and flavonoids. Lemon contains natural citric acid, which acts as a natural skin peel, eliminating the dead skin and treating any problem areas such as blemishes or acne. Lemon is also a natural bleach component, making it the perfect remedy for any scars on the skin! Grapefruit contains Vitamin C and retinol antioxidant. Retinol antioxidant is an ingredient found in many skin care products however with Naturyl Glow being 100% natural, the grapefruit properties of the face mask is the epitome of soft skin and the treatment of damaged skin. The potassium and amino acids found in grapefruits are also ideal for keeping the skin firm.

This is one product I would highly recommend to anyone who wants stronger, sunnier and younger looking skin!

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